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Need for Clean Pure Drinking Water

The quality of the available drinking water has become a major growing concern. Water scarcity, poor water quality and inadequate sanitation negatively impact food security, livelihood choices and educational opportunities for poor families across the world. 20% of the global population lack access to safe drinking water. Water pollution in developing countries affects 1.2 billion people and nearly 15 million children die annually due to water-related diseases. The supply of clean drinking water would provide nourishment, prevent the occurrence of water-borne diseases and helps in getting rid of toxins in our bodies. The first step in obtaining clean drinking water is to find a suitable Fresh Water Source.

Need for a Fresh Water Source

Need for a fresh water source


There’s nothing more essential to life on Earth than water. Yet, from Cape Town to Flint, Michigan, and from rural, sub-Saharan Africa to Asia’s teeming megacities, there’s a global water crisis. People are struggling to access the quantity and quality of water they need for drinking. Globally, 844 million people lack access to clean water. Without clean, easily accessible water, families and communities are locked in poverty for generations. Children drop out of school and parents struggle to make a living. Women and children are worst affected — children because they are more vulnerable to diseases of dirty water and women and girls because they often bear the burden of carrying water for their families for an estimated 200 million hours each day. We have to soon find a solution to this issue, and Atmospheric Water Generators might be the answer. This is where our product MEGHDOOT comes in.

Applications of MEGHDOOT



"I am proud to be a part of this project. There is nothing more charitable then providing water for those in need."

Prof. Arun Tiwari

Missile Scientist, Author, Professor, Platinum Jubilee Mentor CSIR - IICT

"The product will be able to meet the growing demands for water in the field of Defence."

Mr. M. V. Gowtama

Chairman and Managing Director of BEL

"Maithri Aquatech's MEGHDOOT will be a boon to Kenya as it will be able to challenge the current water scarcity facing the country."

Mr. Willy K. Bett

Kenyan Ambassador to India

"MEGHDOOT is a unique solution to the global water scarcity and will be able to address these demands spectacularly."

Dr S. Sridhar

Senior Principal Scientist, IICT

"MEGHDOOT works really well. Its water production capabilities are commendable and suitable for use in the Railways sector."

Northern Railways

Indian Railways