Why World Requires Atmospheric Water Generation Technology For survival?

From different studies, UNESCO predicted about the water crisis that there is an intense level of the water crisis is going to expand across the country by 2050. It is also demonstrated that there are many portions of central India battling withdraw of 40% of the renewable surface water resources. The Central Pollution Control Board gives the warning that if the situation of the water crisis is not reversed immediately, the demand for the fresh water for drinking also will be unmanageable. Understanding this issue, Maithri Aqua, one of the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers in India manufactures the Atmospheric Water Generating systems. The atmospheric water generator produces ultra pure water from the atmosphere. Atmospheric Water Solutions are creating a milestone in the history of science. For providing efficient Atmospheric drinking water generators, Maithri Aqua is becoming one of the top atmospheric water generators Companies and Suppliers.

We have grown up with the dependency on natural resources like water, air, land, etc. in many ways that gradually they are decreasing from the storehouse of the energy of the earth. Earth resources are not meant for any individual. It is a matter of countries, oceans, continents, etc. and everyone should be cautious to save these natural resources. Because of the pollution, reduction in biodiversity, temperature change, vast stretches of mountains, forests, rivers, lands, deserts are getting infected. Like this, we have brought ruination upon the earth. From many researches, scientists noted that in every four cities, one city is facing water crisis problem. According to many investigations, in the year 2030, the demand for fresh water will reach the supply by 40%. Because of all these issues, our atmospheric water generator manufacturers invent an ultimate tool to fight against this water crisis. This tool is the atmospheric water generator.

Water wastage is an epidemic

Even after getting so many warnings from different sources to not waste water, but we are so habituated that becoming aware of this fact have a long way. Many people also not getting clean drinking water. From researches, it is demonstrated that about 1.2B i.e. approximately one-fifth of the world’s population living in areas of the water crisis and about 500 M people approaching the similar situation. Like this situation Atmospheric Water Solutions becoming a boon to the society.  By using this portable atmospheric water generator, people are getting ultrapure water.

Remedy for the issue

Like every coin has two sides. Technology has made our life easier and useful. Also, there are developing instances of innovative practices as well as technological enlargement those are leading to more proficient recycle and reuse in many regions those are having a water crisis. Among the technological solutions of the water crisis, there is a technology called as Atmospheric Water Generator that utilizes the natural process of condensation by simulating a dew point, which allows it to make water continuously, even in conditions of low humidity.

Air to water systems technology is the process of converting water vapor present in the atmosphere (humidity) to water. The Atmospheric Pure Water Generator utilizes this natural process of condensation by reaching the dew point, which permits it to make ultra pure water continuously, even also in low humidity conditions. The condenser present in the Water from Air Machine transforms the vapor in the air from gaseous state to liquid state by continuously reaching the dew point with cool air. The main issue of water crisis is entirely different. Water being one of the primary necessities for the continuation of life, it has no other alternative either for you or any living being on earth.

For cleaning purpose, we are very much familiar with water purifier but a lot of water gets wasted in this procedure. Atmospheric Water Generating systems are well proof tools that can generate water from the atmosphere. We can attach solar panels with the atmospheric water generator so that it doesn’t require water rather it works as an air conditioner without wastage of a single drop of water. 

Another advantage of using these Atmospheric Water Solutions that there is no requirement of any operating expenses and because the Atmospheric Water Generation Unit is autonomous, no need of paying electric bills. In our homes, RO water purifier is very much famous but it does not kill bacteria and viruses which can cause dangerous disease because they can easily pass through the RO membrane, whereas in the case of Atmospheric Pure Water Generator, we can get demineralized ultra pure water from the atmosphere which is going through multi-filtration, RO and UV treatment and finally discarding the hazards caused by viruses, pesticides, bacteria and heavy metal contaminants.

In any purifier, the natural minerals which are very useful for our health are removed, the water gets demineralised because of that, the taste is also affected. But water generating from our portable atmospheric water generator is rich in oxygen, which not only helps to improve the metabolism of the body but also the taste of the water is sweeter and better. The Air to Water Generator makes water from the atmosphere which still includes the essential vitamins and minerals since it is not processed properly in water plants. So, whenever you are living, whether in a remote area or any area where the living condition is not that much good, these Atmospheric Water Generating systems will always bring tension free ultrapure water.

Maybe all the advertisements and caution signs regarding the water crisis that you are asking you to save water is a long reiteration that you are absolutely tired of. But have you ever considered on, why people always tell you to save water, not leave the tap open, use buckets to take bath? Well, it is all because they have can see what the future might be holding for us and they are scared. According to the State Pollution Control Boards evaluation, the 275 rivers across 29 states and the report found that while Maharashtra had 49 polluted river stretches, Assam ranked second having 28 polluted water bodies, Madhya Pradesh third with 21, Gujarat has 20, and West Bengal has 17.  We know that the demand for water is increasing day by day with the continuous growth of the population but sadly, the supply is reducing. From all these numbers you can imagine how Atmospheric Water Generating systems are really needed for the whole country.

Problems in areas with plenty of rainfall

It is a general idea that water crisis cannot be a problem in those areas where there is plenty of rainfall and the availability of fresh water. But this idea is totally wrong because it totally depends upon how the water is collected, stored and distributed. The Atmospheric water Generator supplier supply atmospheric water generator, which is capable of generating 40 to 10,000 litres of drinking water in a 24hour cycle and satisfy all the requirements.

More than 45% of the pollution of the world is because of the pathogenic microorganisms. The Clean Drinking Water Directive and The Safe Drinking Water Act, both are very important steps to ensure supply of clean drinking water. But the demand for water is increasing by more than 300 percent in the previous 50 years, while the supply of water remains the same. With only 60% of water primed for consumption by 2030, we are going towards a global emergency. This is the time to realize and get economical as well as sustainable solutions to decrease the utilization of groundwater and innovate to develop new technology and providing clean drinking water. With the ever-approaching danger of exhausting the world’s supply of fresh water, Atmospheric Water Generators have created to tackle water problems and providing safe drinking water.

Sources of atmospheric water

Well, after all these discussions, I know what is hammering your mind now; ‘Is vapor is present in the air unlimited? The answer is ‘yes.’ The Atmospheric Water Generating systems do not create any imbalances in the atmosphere because of all the removed water vapor, which is replenished naturally with the water evaporated from the ocean and other water bodies. The atmosphere of the Earth holds about 13 trillion cubic meters of water and in some of the most arid areas, Atmospheric Water Generator could be used for fresh drinkable water.

Can we say that the accessible amount for water receives from different sources are sufficient to satisfy the demands of the whole community like households, industries, factories, farms, forests? And do you know that nearly 85% of the globe living in the driest part of the planet? From this calculation, there are full proof reasons to worry about. One in every three people is affected because of water shortage. And from different media sources, we come to know about the fact that there has been an increase in yearly deaths due to the water crisis and water-related diseases from 6 to 8 millions in the recent years. As demonstrated by different studies, near about 1.2 billion individuals in the whole world do not have access to fresh drinking water because of deficiency of drinking water or lack of any medium to fetch water from rivers and ponds. The scientists imagine that industries operating in extreme environments like mining and oil and gas thus could be intrigued by such technology as Atmospheric Water Generator.

In this poor condition, ONE-MAN-ARMY will not work. This Atmospheric Water Solutions can only work if it is supported by the governing body. The government has been taking several oaths & measures to solve this ‘Water CRISIS’. But until this world savior innovation acquires the DIS certification, the air to water systems cannot work with the pace which the situation requires. The water-from-air resource helps to focus on chosen those areas where installing strategically located stand-alone processors of atmospheric water generator vapor will have the quickest, most beneficial impact for people confronting this water crisis.

Out of all the water bodies on the planet, only about two percent is fresh water.  An expansive portion of this water worldwide has already been degraded by chemicals, industrial effluents, sewage, and fertilizers. Only fresh ultra pure water can be used for human consumption and agricultural purpose. The water from the atmospheric water device is not just for human beings but also for all living creatures and so it is this 2 % of fresh water that we must have the aim to save.

The water collected from the Atmospheric Water Generator is distilled in its accumulation phase and then minerals are added to the water to make it reach drinking standards. The water collected from the air to water systems is very effective for Hydroponic farming. (the eco-friendly water generator is currently running some test runs in India.) Other applications for Atmospheric Water Generators include Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage industries and Micro-Breweries.

With a full proof vision of Atmospheric Water Generator technology, we can see a ray of hope in the upcoming darkness.

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