How atmospheric water generator helps to develop a solution for water scarcity?

In world history, it is the first time that more than half of the world population is staying in towns or cities. According to many pieces of research, urban areas are day by day absorbing more growth over the next few decades. As per the world number of urban citizens, it is estimated to grow from the present 3.9 billion to 6.3 billion people by the end of the year 2050. Because of the lack of water, health & sanitation system, the vast population will be living in slums. In today’s date, more than 156 million people live without immediate access to water.  In India, many places like Mumbai where the average humidity is 75%, the water crisis problem can be solved by using minimum infrastructure with the use of atmospheric water generator.  Maithri Aquatech, one of the leading atmospheric water generator manufacturers in India produces Atmospheric Water Generating systems to solve the water crisis problem. The Atmospheric Water Solutions provide us demineralized ultra pure water from the atmosphere.  Because of effectiveness, now Maithri Aquatech is considering a famous atmospheric water generator manufacturing Company which produces the best atmospheric water generator.

According to several studies, scientists found that there are about 3.1 quadrillion gallons of water is present in the atmosphere at any given time. In our home or office, the average humidity is 50% and an Atmospheric Pure Water Generator can produce water from the humidity minimum 35%, which means that in places like Mumbai, an atmospheric water generator can produce near about 5000 litres of water per day. Production of this amount of water in different locations within a slum area has the capacity to solve the water crisis problem. If these Atmospheric Water Solutions can solve the water crisis problem, this can also solve the nutrition and health problems. By solving the water crisis issue, the farmers can also utilize this water produced from the Air to Water Generator in their farms and cultivate fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, etc. Thus the atmospheric water generator solves the water problem along with the food problem. If people can get ultra pure water and fresh foods, automatically the health is also getting improved. The air-water machine’s manufacturer creates a network of interdependent facilities which can serve large numbers of individuals.

Atmospheric water generator systems produce water from the atmosphere. Recently, the high profile natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and failures of public water infrastructure like those that occurred in Flint, Michigan have developed the interest in this Atmospheric Water Generation Unit. In 2017 August, Office of Research and Development (ORD) announced a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), which is developed to further advance of Atmospheric Water Generating systems. In 2018 January, EPA signed with CRADA with Watergen, which is an organization for developing cutting edge Atmospheric water generating systems to evaluate their GEN-350 system. This report was wrapping all the results of an assessment of the quality of water produced by the eco-friendly water generator. Results of this assessment prioritize that atmospheric condensate is not sterile but prior to using it should be treated properly. Taking this fact, Maithri Aquatect utilizes some methods so that the atmospheric water generator manufacturers produce a fully safe atmospheric water generator which can give ultra pure water. 

The Less Maintenance atmospheric water generator has the capability to expand the availability of water during any shortages, contamination events or having the interruption of water service. In the portable atmospheric water generator, atmospheric water vapor is condensed and produces high-quality water. Earlier, there was a probability of concentrating contaminants and microbial growth in the plumbing and stored water. It was dangerous to consume directly. An initial review of water quality provided by Watergen USA, which is a manufacturer of Atmospheric Water Generating systems, confirmed both the generally high quality of produced water, but a high level of overall microbial numbers. The indicators of disgusting contamination like fecal coliforms, E. coli were not detected. The main microorganisms of the health of a human being concern are opportunistic pathogens like  Legionella spp. and Mycobacterium spp., commonly those are associated with drinking water infrastructure. Detection of these organisms, specifically L. pneumophila serogroup 1 and M. avium, would constitute serious health problems. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the microbial quality of untreated participation and produced ultra pure water from Economical atmospheric water generator. Within a week, opportunistic pathogens could not be detected; but high levels of heterotrophic bacteria, detected utilizing heterotrophic plate counts (HPC) of treated water shows inadequate disinfection and/or microbial growth following the treatment. The presence of the heterotrophic bacteria does not diminish the health of a human being, but it also increases microbial instability and conditions, which are favorable for microbial growth. Therefore it is recommended that chlorination or ozonation can be included as an additional unit process in the GEN-350 treatment train. While not directly transferrable to other Atmospheric Water Generating systems emphasizes that atmospheric condensate is not sterile and should be treated properly prior to potable use.

Every portion of human life is connected with water. Access to fresh, demineralized ultra pure water and sanitation can rapidly turn problems into solutions of their all issues, which can be achieved by the eco-friendly water generator. These air to water systems helps in improving the health of children, women, and families all around the world. Globally, about 844 million people don’t have access to safe water and nearly 2.3 billion people lack access to a toilet. The lacking of accessing safe water or sanitation spreads infections as well as water-borne diseases which kills near about 1 million people every year. It also affects the women and children well-being who carry heavy vessels from long distances for about 3-6 hours. Getting ultra safe water from the Atmospheric Pure Water Generator plays a very important role in the development of a healthy child. Access to safe drinking water also limits many diseases like typhoid, diarrhoea, etc. Diarrhoea is one of the top three main causes of death of children and often caused by consuming unsafe water. From studies, it is also noted that in every 2 minutes a child dies because of water-borne disease. And the main reasons for these deaths are the consumption of contaminated water or suffering from dehydration because of diarrhoea.

A Women’s Health Crisis

The lacking of access to safe ultra pure water and sanitation significantly affects the health of women. Women and girls spend large amounts of time by carrying huge heavy vessels and walking long distances to collect water. The physical strain of these type of activities affects the health of a pregnant woman and the health of unborn children.

A Health Crisis in General

It is true saying that Water Crisis is also affecting Health Crisis. Access to safe ultra pure water by Atmospheric Water Generation Unit not only protects against the spreading of infectious diseases but also develops the health of women, children, and families. The atmospheric water device also diminishes the rates of child and maternal mortality. It also suggests that people don’t get a physical injury from constant lifting and carrying of heavy vessels of water. It decreases the risk of sexual violence against women and girls who don’t require to go to remote places to collect water or to relieve themselves.

From all these discussions we can come to a conclusion that atmospheric water generator really helps to develop a solution for dealing with water, food & health scarcity.

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