How atmospheric water generator provides a chance against water crisis?

The most important essence of life is water but it depends upon the type of water we are talking about. We all know this fact that nearly seventy percent of earth’s surface is submerged in water but only less than two percent of the water is accessible to us. Unfortunately, we waste this small portion excessively on many activities like leaving the tap open, showering, flushing toilets and water balloon fights and many more. But have you ever think that what happens when we have water crisis? Because of this water crisis, droughts will strike the fruitful farms and turn them into scorching deserts. Gradually people are realizing that water is the most valuable resource, much precious than oil. Now at this pick time telling the people to reduce their utilization of water would be very much late. That’s way Maithri Aqua, one of the leading atmospheric water generators Companies and Suppliers manufacture the Atmospheric Water Generating systems find a unique way to find water at this point by extracting the water from the atmosphere in a process known as atmospheric water generator, which helps to provide demineralized and ultra pure water. Because of the effectiveness, now Maithri Aqua is considered as one of the top atmospheric water generator manufacturers.

What is Atmospheric Water generator?

The method at which Atmospheric water generator is working is one of the methods that could save the Earth from the fresh water crisis in the future. These Atmospheric Water Solutions are mainly concentrated at communities that live in regions lacking fresh water.  Primarily this Water from Air Machine operates on the presence of humidity.  It includes the utilization of condensing tools that change the temperature of the humid air in the atmosphere. Once the humidity reaches this portable atmospheric water generator, there is a drop of temperature to a level that condenses the air, helps to change from gaseous state to liquid state. Then the ultra pure water is collected in uncontaminated containers. When this process of Mineral Water from the Air is done, the water can be used for different activities like drinking, watering crops and cleaning.

The Atmospheric Water Generation Unit produces potable water from the surrounding air. The atmospheric water device provides longer-term supply solutions in case of an emergency situation. From many investigations and researches, the atmospheric water generator manufacturers found that atmospheric condensate is not sterile and should be treated adequately prior to portable use.

The Atmospheric Water Generating systems have the potential to fulfill the need of water during shortages, interruption of providing water services and contamination events. From this Water from Air Machine by the process of condensation of atmospheric water vapor, demineralized ultra pure water is anticipated. An initial review of quality water from the Atmospheric Water Solutions confirmed that it is a high quality of produced water. For example, there are no elemental analyses above current EPA primary or secondary drinking water standards). Indicators of dangerous contamination like fecal coliforms, E. coli were not detected. The main microorganisms of human health concern are opportunistic pathogens like Legionella spp. As well as Mycobacterium spp., those are generally associated with drinking water infrastructure. Detection of these organisms in the drinking water, specifically L. pneumophila serogroup 1 and M. avium, would increase the potential health concern. By taking all these concerns our atmospheric water generator manufacturers solve all these issues and find the solution to it. Their main objective was to evaluate the microbial quality of untreated condensate and produced (treated) water from a commercial Atmospheric Water Generation unit during the study. Generally, these pathogens were not detected easily; but our high levels of heterotrophic bacteria, detected using heterotrophic plate counts (HPC) of treated refined, pure water, which indicates inadequate disinfection and/or microbial growth following treatment. The presence of heterotrophic bacteria also do not represent a human health risk, but it is suggested that microbial instability and conditions favorable for microbial growth. Therefore it is recommended that our Water from Air Machine is very effective and provides ultra pure water. Other Atmospheric Water Generation systems, results of this work emphasize that our atmospheric water generator water is sterile and no need for any treatment prior to potable use.

The Use of Atmospheric Water Generators

When there are some manual methods to harvest water from the atmosphere, but they mostly stop to work, we must use more modern methods like the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG). Atmospheric Water Generating systems use electricity to complete these tasks. The best atmospheric water generator is composed of a coolant system to cause a temperature drop in the air, and a purification system to sanitize the water.

Simply put, the Atmospheric Water Generator operates like an air dehumidifier, except that it produces drinkable water. When humidity enters the Atmospheric Pure Water Generator, the coolant system condenses the air “by cooling the air below its dew point, helps to expose the air to desiccants, or give pressure into the air. When the humidity reaches its liquid state, it goes through a purification procedure applied by an anti-bacterial air filter. The filter eradicates the existing bacteria, chemicals, and pollution from the water, resulting in crystal-clear demineralized ultra pure water ready to be consumed by the people who need it.

The Atmospheric Water Generating systems are a very effective technology to generate water from the atmosphere since all it requires are air and electricity, which can both be obtained from natural energy sources like sunlight, wind, and hydropower. For purification purpose, the water produced from the atmospheric water generator would be very much cleaner than the water produced by other traditional atmospheric water generating methods. Even though a portable atmospheric water generator requires humidity to produce fresh ultra pure water, it can be placed anywhere. Its portability makes it very much accessible in many emergency locations like hospitals, police stations, or even in relief centres for survivors of a damaging storm. It is valuable to those urgent areas that don’t support life because of lack of water. But sadly, Atmospheric Water Generators are known to be more expensive than other basic atmospheric water generating systems.


Whether it comes to using Economical atmospheric water generator, atmospheric water generating systems can solve the water crisis that many regions are facing. It helps in getting safe, drinkable, ultra pure water to places where there is no access to clean water. Like this, it would prevent millions of people in many portions of the country who are walking more than six hours a day to collect a single bucket of water. Furthermore, it can be utilized for agriculture also. The fresh ultra pure water produced by these technologies can water the crops using irrigation pipes.

Fortunately, because of its massive usage, governments are also willing to finance our atmospheric water generating systems. This means the technique is now accepting gradually by many people. As we move into the future, more efficient technologies will be created to generate water from the atmosphere. If future organizations or governments understand the importance of water, then the crisis of water will no longer be a problem.

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