African’s Water Man : Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua

From humble beginnings in Taita County in Kenya, Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has always been surrounded by wildlife. He observed first-hand the detrimental changes to the wildlife caused by climate change and human development in the region. Realizing that he could help that he would be able to help wildlife and set up the ‘Water for Elephants Project.’ Following three years on working on water he registered the Mwalua Wildlife Trust – with a vision to create “A well-planned, efficient water management system in Tsavo ecosystem that ensures protection of wildlife through access to water during drought and coexistence with local communities.” 

Patrick has been desperately trying to save the animals and goes on long expeditions in a truck carrying around 11,000 litres of clean water. He heads to various watering holes, which have been rapidly drying out due to the unavailability of rains, to fill them with water. Such is the frequency and need of his trips, that the various wildlife recognizes him when he approaches knowing that he will quench their thirst. 

Despite his efforts, and with his unfortunate kidney disorder, Patrick has been unable to provide for the overwhelming number of animals desperate for water, due to water scarcity and expenses associated with it. 

Maithri Aquatech has realized the importance of Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua’s efforts to help wildlife and has sponsored to provide treatment with the best of medical facilities to tackle his kidney ailments. Maithri Aquatech is also donating one of our large capacity machines to generate and supply high-quality drinking water to the animals on the go. 

He will also be recognized as a Brand Ambassador for Maithri Aquatech thanks to his substantial work for wildlife. 

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