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Distilled Water

Distilled Water



Distilled Water is water that is boiled into a vapour and condensed back into its liquid form. Due to distillation, all the impurities present in the original water get removed.


MEGHDOOT is able to produce distilled water to produce clean and pathogen-free water. It does not contain any minerals, but they can be later added into the water through remineralization.


Our Distilled Water will be of extensive value to biological and chemical laboratories and related industries.




We ensure that the Total Dissolved Solids is less than 10 ppm.


The pH of our Distilled Water produced is 6.5 to 7.0.


The resistivity of this water is between 0.01 mS/cm to 0.03 mS/cm.


There is zero presence of E-Coli bacteria in our Distilled Water.