Suitable for Laboratories, Small Businesses, and Apartments, the MEGHDOOT-100 boasts portability when compared to its bigger brother, the MEGHDOOT-1000 yet delivers just as much.

It boasts unparalleled water production efficiency and power consumption and does not require any water source.

The water filtration system integrated into this AWG produce crystal clear water with no impurities and no odor, which ensures that your thirst gets quenched.

This commercial Atmospheric water generator offers sustainable access to clean & safe drinking water.


  • No additional equipment required like piping-just needs air & power source.
  • No need to wait for delivery of water cans/bottles, AWG hands every time fresh & safe potable water.
  • Enables automatic & regular purification to ensure water quality.
  • Very easy to maintain & no additional operating expenses.
  • Works perfectly in between 25%-100% Relative humidity conditions.

Features :

  • MEGHDOOT Atmospheric Water Generator is Internet-Of-Things enabled, which is provided for Remote Data Monitoring.
  • The machine is incorporated with a temperature sensor, humidity sensor and flow meter that indicate the temperature, humidity and rate of flow of water respectively.
  • It is capable of generating MIS reports on a daily basis that can be accessed from anywhere across the globe through mobile devices.

Technical Specifications :

Product Capacity 100 Litres Per Day(LPD)
Ambient Condition for rated Output 90°F, 80% RH
Size (L*W*H) cm 79*73*140 cm
Weight 145kg
Power Supply 220v-240v, 50/60Hz, Single Phase
Refrigerant R407C (Environmentally Friendly)
Input Power Kw 2.0 kWh
Water Tank Internal-60 Litres
Filtration Features  Multi-Level Filtration
Instrumentation  Machine  switches off when the tank is full.