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Maithri Aquatech is an eminent developer, well-recognized Atmospheric water generator manufacturer, and an emerging player in the drinking water generation and purification industry.

We introduce AWG concept to answer the global water shortage & purification needs. Maithri Aquatech focuses on facilitating the people who are in the desperate needs for clean drinking water. And we as the best atmospheric water generator manufacturer design the most cost-effective water extraction solution to quench the global thirst by turning moisture air into pure, safe, and healthy drinking water.

Maithri Aquatech, an Indian startup aims at alleviating the global water crisis through development and manufacturing of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG). We have developed India’s first indigenous Atmospheric Water Generator and Mineralizer – MEGHDOOT and to make sure the water produced by MEGHDOOT is of highest standards, we have collaborated with CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Tarnaka, Hyderabad.

MEGHDOOT AWG range includes capacities of 30, 100, 250, 500 &1000 LPD, it can also be custom made depending on the water requirement.

Maithri Aquatech’s R&D incubation centre and water lab are situated at CSIR-IICT campus in Moula Ali, Hyderabad.

Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd has also signed an MOU with Bharat Electronics Limited ( BEL ) to jointly manufacture MEGHDOOT AWGs for supply to all Defence (Army, Airforce, Navy), Strategic and Export markets.


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   Maithri Aquatech’s Vision is to alleviate the global water crisis by improving the access to pure, clean and microbe free water globally.

Impacting 20 million lives in 5 years globally, by providing Pure,Clean and Safe Microbe free Water