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Our planet, ‘the Blue Planet’ is 71% water with 97.5% being saltwater and the remaining 2.5% being freshwater. These figures, unfortunately, do not represent the availability of water to humanity. Only 1% of all available freshwater sources is accessible to humanity, which is in considerably exploited with no end in sight as we assume it to be a renewable resource which is not the case!


Maithri Aquatech was founded with the mission to ease dependence on scarce water resources and provide water on a sustainable basis wherever required.


The company has developed an innovative technology to harvest the water vapour in the atmosphere to produce potable drinkable water on a sustainable basis. Its innovative solution called MEGHDOOT (which in Sanskrit means ‘Messenger of the Sky’s’) produces 100% microbe-free potable water by using the water vapour present in the air. Maithri Aquatech’s solution is decentralized, highly scalable and environmentally friendly and the water generated meets if not exceeds the guidelines of both WHO as well as Indian standards for potable water.


Maithri Aquatech has partnered with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) which operates under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)


The company has major clients in the Private and Public sectors, including defence and has gained recognition even from the Ministry of Water (Jalshakti) in India.

To date, Maithri Aquatech has already generated over 25 million litres of water and has saved over 50 million litres of groundwater.


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   Maithri Aquatech’s Vision is to alleviate the global water crisis by improving the access to pure, clean and microbe free water globally.

Impacting 20 million lives in 5 years globally, by providing Pure,Clean and Safe Microbe free Water