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The atmosphere contains six times more water in the form of vapour than the water available in all the rivers in the world. The natural water cycle recycles this water vapour multiple times throughout the year.

Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) are devices that extract this water vapour to generate water. In major cities, where there is already major water scarcity, AWGs can be used, both for domestic and industrial purposes as reliable sources of water.


MEGHDOOT is an Atmospheric Water Generator developed by Maithri Aquatech in partnership with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT). The technology was developed by Maithri Aquatech’s team of engineers, making it one of the most economical, efficient and scalable Atmospheric Water Generators in the Global Market.

MEGHDOOT is a ‘Plug-And-Play’ solution which does not require a large footprint for installation. It is highly scalable and as such can be used to meet up to millions of litres of potable water requirement.


MEGHDOOT is capable of meeting its energy requirements by renewable resources such as solar, wind or a combination of both.


Every drop produced by MEGHDOOT can be utilised and there is zero wastage of water.

The MEGHDOOT systems produce clean, healthy, mineral-enriched potable water which meets if not exceeds the World Health Organisation’s and the Indian Standards for potable water.

MEGHDOOT has gained domestic acclaim from the Indian Railways, Indian Defence and various government as well as private organisations. It is also a key sustainable solution being used by people to meet their potable water requirements in water stressed cities.


The step-by-step process of extraction of water from the atmosphere using our machine is as follows:


  1. Air is drawn in to the machine, where it passes through an air filter to remove any dust or pollutants present.
  2. It is then passed into the Cooling Chamber present inside the machine which reduces the temperature of the air to the Dew Point temperature. This is the temperature at which water vapour becomes liquid water.
  3. These water droplets then drop down into a Food-grade Stainless Steel Trough.
  4. The water present in the Trough is then collected in a Food-Grade Stainless Steel Water Storage Tank.
  5. Once collected the Filtration Process starts. The water is passed through a sediment filter, which removes contaminants up to 5 microns, following which it is passed through a carbon filter/s, which remove/s any bad odour or taste from the water.
  6. Finally, the water passes through a Mineral cartridge where it is Re-mineralised with essential minerals such as (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and other essential minerals in trace amounts), following which it is sent through a UV filter before dispensing of the water.
  7. The water dispensed by our machine is 100% microbe-free, Re-mineralised drinking water.