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Atmospheric Water Generator Technology

Coming to some atmospheric water harvesting techniques, the fog harvesting is one of the traditional methods which is not always suitable for changing temperatures and some regions especially in dry low precipitation arid areas. So, here the modern techniques are considered to be more beneficial over the traditional water harvesting methods.

An atmospheric water generator (AWG) or atmospheric water harvester is a device that uses dehumidification principle to generate drinking water out of moisture present in the air. The earth’s atmosphere is an unlimited source of water hence we can extract fresh water from air at any given time.

The Atmospheric water generator technology facilitates the potable water needs anywhere and anytime. The air water extractors adopt decentralized harvesting system of atmospheric water that is reliable, sustainable, scalable, and produces drinking water without any complicated massive installation.

How does AWG Works?

The Atmospheric water generator captures the humidity in the air and condenses by cooling the humid ambient air below its dew point, along with pressurizing the air or exposing the air to desiccants to make water.

The AWG channels water vapor towards an evaporation system in a confined sanitary environment before it exposed to pollution. And our AWG technology produces fresh and safest drinking water.


The Meghdoot portable atmospheric water generator is the premium-quality drinking water equipment that generates water by condensing vapor with the help of high-efficiency filters. The moisture is drawn through the double-layered anti-bacterial air filters and ionized before converting into pure water.

The collected water is then subjected to pre and post charcoal filtration process to make water free from all-set of impurities. Meghdoot (AWG) follows significant chemical-free filtration and Sterilization methods to expel harmful organic substances.

Our eco-friendly water generators benefit safe drinking water at the lowest power consumption compared to the AWG’s that are available in the current market. And they are also compatible with any other alternative renewable energy sources.

Meghdoot operates with the help of prestigious IICT Patent filters, and adopts IICT optimum Re-mineralisation Technology, along with the quality certification that assures the best quality, and purity of the water.