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Our Technology


MEGHDOOT which quite literally means "Messenger of the Skies" in Sanskrit is an Atmospheric Water Generator that uses cutting-edge technology to convert water vapour in the air into fresh and clean drinking water. This technology allows operation in a wide variety of temperatures and humidity conditions and is optimized to perform best between temperatures of 20°C- 45°C and relative humidity of 25% - 100%.


Our Technology uses patented Nano FIltration technology for Pure and Microbe-Free Water. 


Why Meghdoot?

No pipelines needed

Indigenous Design

Avoid plastic

Adaptable Capacity

Decentralised solution

Eco friendly

Less Maintenance

No water wastage


Runs on alternate power sources

High water Quality with sufficient minerals

What is an AWG?

Our Patents


Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd in collaboration with Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT) have applied for a patent "DESIGN OF AN IMPROVISED, FULLY AUTOMATED ATMOSPHERIC WATER GENERATOR DEVICE FOR EFFICIENT AND ECONOMICAL PRODUCTION OF HIGH-QUALITY WATER FOR DRINKING AND BIOMEDICAL APPLICATION" ( Patent Application No. 201841042327 ).