Re-Mineralised Water


You may often hear about the term “potable water” but we don’t know what actually does it mean? The potable water is another term used to denote drinking water that is safe for human consumption.

In our water from air machine, we determine the potability by assessing various factors like taste, odor, turbidity, and especially the presence of contaminants in the water. Some of these issues can be sorted by following different processes like filtering, settling, and disinfecting. And with the help of water from air machine we can further purify the water by adding some lost and required minerals in the remineralisation process.

Remineralised potable water is nothing but adding some mineral content back to the water, as in purifying process some of the good minerals like calcium, magnesium, will be washed out along with the harmful stuff like heavy metals, pesticides, and bacteria etc. and the remineralising adds back the good minerals to the water, that becomes clean and safest to drink.

How can we know that our drinking water is safe? And it is very hard to answer because many countries have been adopting various drinking water standards like atmospheric water generating systems to provide clean and safe drinking water. And the remineralised potable water processed from the atmospheric water generators the best solution for all the water purity related issues.

You can get the safe and fresh remineralised water with the help of atmospheric water generator. The water produced by the atmospheric water generator contains all the minerals that a human body needs. The remineralised water generated from the atmospheric water generator ensures the purest form of water loaded with nutrients and minerals.

We offer a wide variety of atmospheric water generating systems, for all the individual, residential and industrial uses.


Specifications :

We ensure that the Total Dissolved Solids is between 60 to 120 ppm.

The pH of our remineralised water produced is between 7.0 to 7.5.

The conductivity of this water is between 0.1 to 0.2 mS/cm.

There is zero presence of E-Coli bacteria in our Remineralised Potable Water.